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Tourism Potential in Taung

Taung Skull & Thomeng Waterfall (World Heritage Site)

Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO following the discovery of a fossilised child skull in 1924, Taung Skull and Thomeng Waterfalls play an important role in Taung’s tourism potential.   Apart from its significant scientific importance the site offers activities such as hiking, mountain biking and picnicking.  Thomeng is also popular for the water that is believed to have healing powers by most locals.

Taung Dam

Built in 1993 for irrigation purposes, Taung Dam is located in scenic north-eastern side of Taung.  This majestic dam offers water activities such as boat cruise, speed boat and fishing competitions.  This beautiful dam also has a huge yellow fishing, picnic and hiking potential.

Dinkgwaneng San Rock Art Site

This cultural site is rich in archaeological and historical value due to San Rock Art engraving ranging from a variety of animals to symbols not easily identified as well as minor diggings on river ground. The site also offers picnic opportunities on the secluded and calming outskirts overlooking Harts River.

Kgosi Galeshewe Memorial Site

Having spent some time as a prisoner at Robben Island for resisting land dispossession, Kgosi Galeshewe remains one of key figures in the history of Batlhaping. Kgosi Galeshewe is credited with the establishment of Galeshewe Township in Kimberly.  A tomb of remembrance built (in his honour) in Magogong is one of the main attractions for tourists who are interested in heritage and history.

Mmabana Cultural Centre

Mmabana Cultural Centre was established in order to develop and showcase the arts, crafts and culture of the local and neighbouring communities. Visitors to this cultural centre will be exposed to works in pottery, quilting, beading, sewing, sculpture, dance and music.