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Batlhaping Ba-Ga-Phuduhucwana

Batlhaping Ba-Ga-Phuduhucwana

Ba-Ga-Puduhucwana Tribal Council has been serving the people of Taung Central and neighbouring villages for a period in excess of one hundred years.  The Tribal Council is made up of the sitting Chief, the Chief’s Uncle, Chiefs of surrounding Villages, such as Magogong, Mocweding, Mokasa, Mokgareng, Buxton, Vaaltein, Leshobo, Matlapaneng, Dry Harts, Mogopela, Myra, Lokaleng and Manokwane as well as the Chief’s chosen villagers.

The council has been led by the following chiefs:

  • Kgosi Molehabangwe,
  • Kgosi Molale,
  • Kgosi Mankuroane,
  • Kgosi Thapama,
  • Kgosi Kgosietsile,
  • Kgosi Keehe,
  • Kgosi Tshepo Mankuroane

Currently ruled by Kgosi Tshepo Mankuroanne, son of the late Kgosi Keehe Mankuroane, Ba-Ga-Puduhucwana Tribal Council prides itself in Thomeng, Dinkgwaneng and Blue Pool as the main tourist attractions and heritage sites under its jurisdiction.

Kgosi Tshepo Mankuroane holds an LLB Degree from the University of the North West, which has adequately prepared him for presiding over matters affecting the community and conflict resolution.

It is Kgosi Mankuroane’s intention to empower the community of Greater Taung under his jurisdiction to take advantage of the gradually improving economic condition in the area.  Kgosi Mankuroane also believes that his subjects should be empowered so-that they can benefit from the Agricultural as well as Tourism potential of Taung.

The Chief is satisfied with the cooperative relationship between his Council and Greater Taung Local Municipality.  It is his view that this relationship will go a long in enabling the community of Taung to use the land in order to grow the local economy.