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Batlhaping Ba-Ga-Mothibi

Batlhaping Ba-Ga-Mothibi

Batlhaping Ba-Ga-Mothibi Tribe under the control of Ba-Ga-Mothibi Traditional Administration has been in existence since the early 15th Century.  The first chief of Ba-Ga-Mothibi was Kgosi Mmile who was succeeded by the following chiefs:

  • Kgosi Maduane
  • Kgosi Molokedi
  • Kgosi Mamai
  • Kgosi Mokgosi
  • Kgosi Maswe
  • Kgosi Molehabangwe
  • Kgosi Mothibi
  • Kgosi Gasebone
  • Kgosi Batlhasitse One
  • Kgosi Galeshewe One
  • Kgosi Batlhasitse Two
  • Kgosi Galeshewe Two
  • Kgosi Mothibi

The current Chief of Ba-Ga-Mothibi, Kgosi Ponatshego Mothibi, who holds a Diploma in Management, was installed in June 2016 as a regent for her niece, Obakeng Mothibi, who is currently focusing on his studies.

Kgosi Ponatshego Mothibi and the Traditional Administration (comprising 8 headmen, 4 community members and 2 royal family members and 10 elected members) will focus mainly on building & growing the legacy of Batlhaping Ba-Ga Mothibi through fighting for a better life and empowerment of the community.

Ba-Ga-Mothibi Traditional Council is responsible for fourteen villages (in the South Western part of Greater Taung) starting from Lower Majeakgoro all the way to Rietfontein

The unique features and attractions within the jurisdiction of Ba-Ga- Mothibi include:

  • Spitskop Dam;
  • Minerals such as Diamond and Marble;
  • Wild Animals;
  • Tombstone of Kgosi Galeshewe;
  • Order of Mendi for Bravery awarded to Kgosi Galeshewe;

Kgosi Mothibi believes that the cooperative relationship between the Municipality and Tribal Councils is important as the Tribal Council would contribute land while the Municipality would bring in basic and necessary services.  She believes that this can only ensure overall improvement of the quality of life of local communities.