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Batlhaping Ba-Ga-Maidi

Batlhaping Ba-Ga-Maidi

Batlhaping Ba-Ga-Maidi tribe has been in existence since 1835.  The disagreement between Maidi (son of Tawana) and Tawana (leader of Barolong) resulted in Maidi leading a group of Barolong away from the place where Tawana had settled to go and settle in what is now known as Makwasie.  Maidi’s people then moved to go and settle in Botswana, then Thaba-Nchu (where they lived side-by-side with Kgosi Moroka’s people).  After spending time in Thaba-Nchu they settled in Potchefstroom before moving to Manthe.

The first Chief of Ba-Ga-Maidi was Kgosi Motlhabane (who led his people from Potchefstroom to Manthe).  Kgosi Kgantlapane took over as a regent for Sethapi’s sons, who were still young at the time.  Kgosi Moshosho took over, followed by the reign of Kgosi Nyoko William Motlhabane, which continued until Kgosi Letsie Walter Motlhabanae took over in 1958.  The reign of Kgosi Letsie Motlhabane continued until he passed away and Kgosi Nyoko Charles Motlhabane took over in October 2005.

The current chief is Kgosi Kelebone Motlhabane (brother and regent for Kgosi Nyoko Motlhabane who is the current Mayor of Greater Taung Local Municipality).  Kgosi Motlhabane is a teacher by profession and his biggest interest is to work in collaboration with relevant institutions to transform Ba-Ga-Maidi into an economically viable tribe.

Ba-Ga-Maidi Tribal Council comprises 37 members, The Chief, twelve chieftains – representing twelve villages stretching from Khudutlou to Manthe and twenty-four elected representatives.

Some of the unique features in the authority’s area of jurisdiction include:

  • Taung Dam (part of which is in Ba-Ga-Phuduhuchwana)
  • Dinkgwaneng
  • Mining of Diamonds
  • Potential for Agricultural Development

Kgosi Kelebone Motlhabane is satisfied with the cordial relationship between the Municipality and the Tribal Council.  He believes the relationship will lay a strong foundation for the economic viability of the area.